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Time to rethink local budget cuts on International Day of People with Disabilities

Today is International Day of People with Disabilities, a day on which we acknowledge and promote the voice, dignity, rights and well-being of the millions of disabled people worldwide, in particular the 16% of people in our city living with disabilities. The day highlights the need to increase the understanding and awareness of issues relating […]

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“Libraries help to combat the full spectrum of economic, social and environmental issues we currently face”

When I was growing up in London we would regularly visit the local public library and spend hours choosing and reading books. I loved the high-ceilinged Victorian building, the sense of purposeful calm and order, and the seemingly endless choice of reading material. Partly as a result of this I developed a lifelong love of […]

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We must end the continued disruption to Home to School Transport

Home to School Transport Brighton

Nearly a month into the school term, and our city’s children with disabilities are still facing huge challenges with their transport to school. Over the last few weeks, Green Councillors have been contacted by several worried parents about the ongoing issues. And despite seeking assurances from council officers that the current problems will soon end, […]

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