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For general enquiries, please contact our office.

Our office is open Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm in normal times, but is currently closed due to the pandemic.

You can contact us by e-mail at

Tel:01273 766 670 (There is an answer phone when no one is available)

The Eco-Centre, 39 - 41 Surrey Street, Brighton, BN1 3PB

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There are different ways to contact Caroline depending on what kind of help or information you need.

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Our Local Green Party officers (otherwise known as our Executive Committee) are responsible for the day to day running of Brighton & Hove Green Party. 

They are elected every year by party members and act as the Party's executive body, carrying out the will of local members.

Each role on the Executive Committee has different responsibilities - You can see a full list of roles and job descriptions here.

Chair: Benedict Allbrooke

Deputy Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Ann Quinn

Campaigns Coordinator: Vacant

External Communications Coordinator: Kahina Bouhassane

Internal Communications Coordinator: Dan Curtis

Election Coordinator: Martin Farley

Equality & Diversity Coordinator: Amine Bouhassane

Fundraising Coordinator: Vacant

Membership Secretary: Piera Anna Tomasi

Policy Co-ordinator: Vacant

Young Greens/ Student Coordinator: Daron Coaker

Treasurer: Janaki Jayasuriya