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We've started something amazing in Brighton and Hove.

In 2010 Caroline Lucas was elected as the UK's first ever Green MP, and she has been re-elected in 2015, 2017 and 2019 with increasing majorities.

In 2011 we elected the first ever Green council. In May 2019's local elections, the Green Party topped the poll in Brighton and Hove, electing 19 Green Councillors - a gain of eight seats.

As the Greens' first MP, Caroline has made a huge impact. But she, and our city councillors, all working for solutions to the climate emergency and for a fairer world, could do with some help.

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Our planet is at risk from the dramatic effects of our climate crisis. But Green voices have been calling out for a generation, making sure the future of people and planet is protected. 

You have played a part in that - campaigning for a better Brighton & Hove, electing Caroline Lucas as the first ever Green MP and the first ever Green Council and pushing for real action on stopping our climate emergency. And you can play your part in ensuring that generations to come are continuing to fight for a better world. 

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that, in the event of your death, your loved ones are cared for and your wishes carried out.

After you have met the needs of your family, you might like to consider leaving a gift to Brighton & Hove Green Party in your will.

By leaving such a gift, using this free online will writing service, you can leave a powerful legacy for those you love: a passionate, ongoing campaign to protect our city - and our planet - for generations to come.

We rely overwhelmingly on donations from our supporters to carry out our work. Any size of gift in your will can make a huge difference. Make your legacy helping us to plan and grow for the future. 

We are extremely grateful for any gift we receive.