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We've started something amazing in Brighton and Hove.

In 2010 Caroline Lucas was elected as the UK's first ever Green MP.

In 2011 we elected the first ever Green council.

In May 2019, Brighton and Hove went to the polls twice and both times the Green Party topped the poll.

On May 3rd 2019, we elected 19 Green Councillors, gaining eight seats.

On May 23rd 2019, we elected Alexandra Phillips as our South East MEP going locally from 18,586 votes in 2014 to 32,594 votes in 2019.

Across the country, the Green Party has had its best ever local election results. In total, in 2019 we saw a net gain of 194 council seats and we now have a record number of 359 councillors on a record 120 councils in England and Wales showing how politics can be different.

As the Greens' first MP, Caroline has made a huge impact. But she could do with some help.

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