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We've started something amazing in Brighton and Hove.

In 2010 Caroline Lucas was elected as the UK's first ever Green MP.

In 2011 we elected the first ever Green council.

And in 2018, across the country the Green Party has had its best ever local election results. We now have a record 174 strong, independent voices across a record 67 councils in England and Wales, showing how life and politics can be different.

Now it's Brighton's turn again.

In May 2019 Brighton and Hove goes to the polls.

We need your support to return the city's strongest ever Green team and lay the foundations for more Green MPs to join Caroline in Parliament.

We're aiming for our best ever set of results that will help us build our Green presence in this special city and beyond.

As the Greens' first MP, Caroline has made a huge impact. But she could do with some help.

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