What we stand for


From solar-powered buses to community housing projects, from the buzzy independent traders of the city centre to residents wanting less waste and more recycling, we’ve heard the people of Brighton & Hove. We’ve heard you want change and we are committed to delivering it.

We have listened on the doorstep, in the community and to the experts. We know you want Brighton & Hove to remain a bold, vibrant, welcoming city but also one where jobs pay enough for people to live well. Where small businesses thrive. Where everyone has a roof over their head. A city which leads the way on tackling the climate emergency. Where you benefit from the city’s own generation of clean power and heat. Where we take care of everyone in our community. Where we can all breathe clean air, and the city is walkable, cyclable and crisscrossed by affordable electric buses. Where we’ve slashed plastic use and have a recycling service that’s fit for purpose. Where the city’s residents are consulted on the decisions that shape their lives.

We’ll be honest about what’s possible. No Council can make this change alone, especially with funding cut to the bone. We want to draw upon your creativity and knowledge to transform Brighton & Hove into the country’s greenest, fairest, and most democratic city. Greens across Europe are showing what is possible. And where the Greens lead, we know others will follow.  

Our achievements

Making our city better


Besides having a strong voice in Parliament in Caroline Lucas, Brighton and Hove Green Party is proud of the improvements our councillors were able to make to the city in just four years as a minority administration between 2011-2015.

Previous manifestos

For Brighton & Hove


Our manifestos from 2011 and 2015 are still available to read online. Just click the links on the left to see what we proposed for the city.