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Renewed push for a say on Brexit deal as 1,399 residents sign People’s Vote petition coming to Council

Popular Green Party petition will be heard by all parties and triggers Council debate Thousands of Brighton and Hove residents have signed a petition calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on any Brexit deal. The petition, started by Green Party Councillor Pete West, states: “The government and parliament were given a mandate to negotiate a Brexit […]

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Councils mired by cuts cannot bear a Brexit double whammy

We have every right to be anxious about the impact of Brexit on our Council and its services, writes Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty following a speech on the People’s Vote Just this week further details of the Brexit mess have been unveiled: The National Audit Office has slammed government departments for their inadequate planning for […]

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Brexit: What it truly means to 'Let the People Decide.'

Brighton and Hove City Council has become the first to support a Green proposal for a public say on the terms of any Brexit deal (a so-called ‘Ratification referendum’). Green Councillor Leo Littman questions whether a ‘hard Brexit’ really is ‘the will of the people.’  — Who said: “In a 52-48 Referendum this would be […]

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