Greens commit to representing the city for the time to come

Following May 4th’s local election results, Greens are proud of their councillors and confident that they will provide constructive, firm opposition

Yesterday, Brighton & Hove residents voted in the elections, and elected seven Greens to the city council.

After Labour’s group won the 2019 election and subsequently shrunk due to resignations and suspensions, the Greens took on the leadership of the council at the height of the pandemic. They are disappointed to not be remaining in control of the council, and are committing to work with communities across the city to assess how Greens can rebuild stronger over the coming months and years. 

As a member-led organisation, the local Green Party will meet next week to discuss the results and elect the team to lead the Green Group of Councillors for the next year. 

Brighton & Hove Green Party Election Coordinator Martin Farley (he/him) said: 

“Thank you to everyone who voted Green. We are exceptionally proud of every vote that has been cast for the Greens and we will continue to work hard to act on that mandate. And congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected Green councillors – I know they will make a great team ready to represent this city.

“The Green Party ran a positive campaign that centred our ideas for the city, but evidently we just didn’t speak to what people needed from their council. There will be much to decide over the coming weeks, but we are committing to work with communities across the city to assess how Greens can represent their needs over the coming months and years. In this election the tide was always against us, with Labour pushing a negative campaign that blamed Greens instead of the Tory government. Many residents understandably wanted to use their votes to signal opposition to the Conservative government and the crisis so many people are going through; we need to become a party that embodies that opposition.

“As we put the city first, our responsibility is now to hold the Labour Councillors to account on behalf of the thousands of residents who voted Green. Every day we’ll be pushing for action on the climate crisis, for a fairer city, for healthy communities and for a thriving economy.”


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