Green Party releases local election manifesto ‘for action’

Brighton & Hove Green Party have today published their manifesto ahead of the local election on May 4th 2023.

Brighton & Hove Green Party has today published their ‘Vote Green for Action’ manifesto ahead of the local elections this May.

Highlighting some of their achievements since becoming the leading party on the council in July 2020, Greens say that they are “making tough decisions to keep our city moving forward”. 

The manifesto showcases plans to act on crises facing the city in four key areas: the climate crisis, inequality, health and the economy. 

Key pledges in the manifesto include:

  • Action on the Climate Crisis
    • Improve air quality by expanding the city’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) into a London-style zone to create a liveable city centre
    • Improve recycling by introducing a food waste collection and moving to weekly recycling collections
    • Expanding school streets and secure cycle storage
  • Action for a Fairer Brighton & Hove
    • Build 800 more sustainable council homes by 2028
    • Prioritise schemes to address barriers faced by the poorest families in the city
    • Tackle poor standards in private rented homes through a private rented strategy and through introducing landlord licensing 
  • Action for Healthy Communities
    • Encourage active lifestyles through developing new ways to make it easier to walk and cycle, including developing liveable neighbourhood schemes
    • End the long delays in redeveloping the King Alfred Sports Centre by building a new sports facility in the West of the city
    • Support people in need of adult social care to remain in their own homes
  • Action for a Thriving Economy 
    • Support tourism and key tourist destinations in the city to ensure their regeneration schemes are a success
    • Further expand digital access to council services, making use of the city’s thriving digital sector
    • Promote the circular economy across the city within the council and with businesses

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council said:

“Greens are united in our commitment to our communities and firmly focused on the important local issues affecting our city. Protecting the most vulnerable, creating jobs, opportunities and apprenticeships; helping to build a cleaner, healthier and greener city fit for the future.

“Our manifesto demonstrates just some of what we’ve managed to do in only two years. Imagine what Greens could achieve over the next four. When you vote Green on Thursday 4th May, you vote for action: action on the climate crisis, and for a fairer Brighton and Hove.” 


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