Greens condemn government cuts of No Second Night Out service, pledging to continue to support homeless people 

Following government cuts to available funding, Greens share the city’s concerns and confirm that they are taking every step to protect the city’s rough sleepers 

Joining with residents, Greens today reaffirm their objections to the government’s cut funding for the No Second Night Out scheme, a vital homelessness service in Brighton. The service will be closing at the end of the month; councillors and residents across the city are concerned that this will exacerbate the numbers and vulnerabilities of rough sleepers. 

Whilst the scheme itself is dependent on government funding, and thus has been cut by the government itself, Greens pledge to minimise the impact on rough sleepers. The Council has found and repurposed resources to enable specific provision for women, trans and non-binary people, as well as the continuation of cold weather provision beyond winter and of a homeless assessment hub service to quickly house and move on rough sleepers in the absence of No Second Night Out. 

Greens say they will monitor the effectiveness of these changes by their impact on rough sleeper numbers; if the annual count in November shows numbers have increased, they pledge to seek additional funds in the 24/25 budget to remedy this. 


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