Greens condemn food and labour shortages fuelled by Tories’ disastrous Brexit 

Three years after leaving the EU, Green Councillors call for the Government to be held to account for its reckless pursuit of Brexit, which is plunging city residents into financial crisis 

Today marks three years to the day that the UK left the EU. At this week’s full council, Green councillors will push the Government to address the resulting shortages of both food and workers, which are impacting homes and businesses both in Brighton & Hove and across Britain. 

A recent report has highlighted that the current shortfall of over 300 thousand workers in the UK workforce is specifically due to Brexit. A further report showed that Brexit is costing UK consumers a total of £5.8billion, with the lowest-earning people worst affected. 

In a proposal being put to a meeting of all 54 city councillors, Greens say that Brexit is a key, compounding and avoidable factor, that when paired with inflation is making it increasingly difficult for residents and businesses to pay their bills.  

The motion calls on the council’s Chief Executive to write to the Prime Minister to raise these urgent concerns. 

Councillor Tom Druitt, who is proposing the motion, said: 

“The Government refuses to take responsibility for the causes of the economic crisis, but the reality is clear. Brexit has put an additional £210 onto the average household food bill, and residents across our city cannot afford it.  

“It is vital that we hold the Government responsible for causing this. The Government is not just pursuing a Brexit agenda, but the most reckless version of it possible. The Tories are attempting to scrap a huge range of EU laws including workers’ rights, food regulation, clean drinking water and wildlife protections. We reject this and continue to fight to protect what we’ve won.” 

Councillor Marianna Ebel, who is seconding the motion, added: 

“The economic situation is deteriorating due to compounding crises, which have all been caused or worsened by this Conservative government. From restaurants closing due to lack of staff, to supply issues in factories and farms, we all see the impact of Tory Brexit every day. The increasing securitisation of borders is only exacerbating the issue, preventing workers from coming and businesses from being able to function. 

“But the situation is not hopeless. Alongside strong Green opposition, both locally and in Westminster, people are stepping up. Brighton and Hove is a city where we look after one another, and we once again thank people who are supporting foodbanks and our emergency food network. We strongly encourage anyone able to donate food to do so, as part of the movement fighting back against Tory-created crises.” 


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