Green councillors ask for greater information on Voter ID ahead of local elections in May 

As the Tory Government bring in new restrictions on voting, Green Councillors in Brighton & Hove join with experts and campaigners in opposing the Government’s draconian measures 

The Government has determined that local elections held this May will require voters to bring ID in order to be eligible to vote.  

This unprecedented decision is strongly condemned by the Green Councillors, in a motion being put to a meeting of all 54 councillors in Brighton & Hove that reaffirms the group’s opposition and calls for maximising communication to voters. 

It follows concern by many industry experts, such as the Association of Election Administrators, the Electoral Reform Society and the Local Government Association. 

These measures are justified by the Government on the basis of stopping electoral fraud. However, the Greens have highlighted that cases of voter fraud are extremely rare, with no prosecutions in 2021 and only 4 in 2019. Greens also argue that the measures will disenfranchise a huge number of voters, for whom ID is not accessible. The Electoral Commission estimates that as many as two million people presently will not have the means to vote. 

If agreed, councillors would receive a further briefing with information they can share with residents to highlight the changes. 

Councillor Zoe John, who is putting forward the proposals, said: 

“For years, Greens have consistently led Brighton & Hove’s opposition to anti-democratic Voter ID regulations. The Tories continue to use Trump-style lines about baseless “voter fraud” to defend this blatant attack on democracy, disenfranchising people across the country who don’t have access to personal identification. It is no coincidence that this is more likely to stop those hurt most by Tory-created crisis and austerity from voting. 

As a city council, we are doing everything we can to criticise these measures, and to prepare and inform voters about the process of voting in May – because unlike the Tories, we have nothing to be scared of when it comes to democracy.” 

Council Leader Phélim Mac Cafferty who is seconding the motion said: 

“Already, too many people are effectively disenfranchised by the “first past the post” system. Both the principle and the delivery of these plans will lead to voters being turned away from polling stations and could lead to further long-term disenchantment with the voting system, particularly within already marginalised groups.  

I’ve written to the Government to express our strong opposition to this policy, and to request, at minimum, an immediate delay. But given the Tories’ dogged commitment to disenfranchisement, our council is committed to demanding maximum information for voters in Brighton and Hove, in order to be able to participate in our democracy.” 


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