Greens launch petition to Liz Truss to ‘make first act’ better funding for public services

Brighton & Hove Green Party has launched a new petition, following the announcement of Liz Truss today

Greens in Brighton and Hove have launched a new petition to the Government, calling on better funding for public services. 

Citing figures that show NHS waiting lists at a record high, council funding reduced and benefits slashed, Greens say that Liz Truss should make her first act to reverse this decline.

Greens argue that against the backdrop of the rising cost of living, public services are more important now than ever. 

Councillor Hannah Clare, Deputy Leader of the Council said:

 “Liz Truss must make properly funding public services her first act as our new Prime Minister. As the cost of living rises, people need their help desperately. Yet the lack of funding from this Tory Government makes this difficult for services to achieve.

“As a council we want to do all we can to support people – and have already made some key changes. This includes launching a cost of living crisis fund, increasing the pay for the lowest paid council staff and making the council tax reduction scheme even fairer for the lowest income households. We will continue to do all we can to make Brighton & Hove a fairer place. ”

The petition has launched today and is available for anyone to sign at


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