Greens stand with their trans and non-binary siblings

The Brighton and Hove Green Party is proud to stand with our trans and non-binary siblings. We will not tolerate exclusion, discrimination or gender-based violence.

Councillor Steph Powell co-Chair Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture committee says:

“During the pandemic transphobic abuse has increased with four in five trans people in the UK experiencing a hate crime in the previous 12 months. We owe it to our trans siblings to do more than mourn their loss, we must provide them with a safe space to live, work and express themselves.

Ahead of national guidance, Greens brought out the first ever Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit in the UK. This helped create safe spaces for trans children and young people, educating their peers to become allies and foster inclusion. We are continuing to build on the  2013 Trans Scrutiny panel with regular reviews to keep the guidance relevant to the classroom and playground.

This is just a start. Promoting respect for our diversity and bringing people together is not a tick in a box, it is an on-going endeavour that we will continue to improve and expand on.”

If you are a trans resident in Brighton and Hove, know that we stand with you. 

On International Trans Visibility day we call on everyone to call out discrimination and celebrate the trans people in our city and across the world. Educate yourself or create a safe space for trans people around you.


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