“It will improve access, air quality and tourism for Rottingdean” says Green candidate on expansion of BTN Bikeshare

Libby Darling, the Green Party candidate in the upcoming by-election in Rottingdean Coastal ward, has welcomed the news that BTN bikeshare will introduce electric cycles and more hubs in 2023.

The Green Party has welcomed a recent announcement that BTN Bikeshare, the city’s cycle hire scheme, looks set to expand next year.

Brighton & Hove City Council last week opened bids for a new operator, with the specification that at least 60% of the bicycles will be electric and further hubs will be introduced “to make the scheme truly city-wide”.

Rottingdean Coastal ward currently has limited access to BTN Bikeshare, with one hub in Saltdean, one in Rottingdean and a small number around the Marina and western parts of the ward around Sussex Square. 

Darling claims that the new contract, due to commence in 2023, will enable more access to Rottingdean Coastal ward residents and tourists visiting the “uniqueness Rottingdean, Ovingdean and Saltdean have to offer”.

Libby Darling, Green Party candidate said:

“I’m really thrilled by the news that BTN Bikeshare is due to expand next year and introduce electric bikes. I believe this will improve access, air quality and tourism for residents and visitors in Rottingdean Coastal ward.

“By introducing new hubs to the scheme in the edges of the city and in the Deans, more people will be able to use the cycle hire scheme to get around and experience the uniqueness Rottingdean, Ovingdean and Saltdean have to offer.

“It will also help improve air quality by making it easier and more accessible to travel in active ways. As we get ever closer to 2030, more ways to help the city become carbon neutral like this are very important and I will champion these if elected as a councillor. ”

Councillor Steve Davis, who co-chairs the city’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee previously commented:

“This really is an exciting time for BTN BikeShare. With electric bikes being added to the fleet and new hubs planned for the city, we’re giving our residents and visitors every reason to take advantage of this wonderful scheme. 

“We have to offer options to vehicle use and this is a step in the right direction if we are to meet our carbon neutral targets.

“There’s also the thrilling prospect of seeing the scheme expanded beyond Brighton & Hove’s boundaries.

“BTN BikeShare is a community asset the city can be proud of. It’s a key part of our work to tackle the climate crisis, reduce congestion and reach our target of being net zero by 2030.”


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