Greens welcome commitment to proposals for improving mental health in schools

Children Mental Health Week (4-10 Feb) a reminder that help is urgently needed

The mental health needs of children in schools will be given renewed focus after a series of Green proposals calling for greater support received the backing of all parties at a Council meeting last week.

Greens called on the Council to support education providers to deliver activities that help to prevent mental health problems developing early, with a particular focus on activities that can help to prevent depression and anxiety, along with support on restricting access to social media and mobile phones, plus providing training for staff delivering P.S.H.E education.

Green Councillor Amanda Knight, who proposed the Green Notice of Motion on Child Mental Health in Schools, said that the positive work already delivered by schools and local mental health partnerships is impeded by a lack of resources and inadequate funding from central Government, and called on the Council to lobby for increased support.

With child mental health issues a growing concern across the city, Greens are also encouraging individuals to find out more about initiatives planned as part of Children’s Mental Health Week (4-10th Feb).

Cllr Knight commented:
“This Children’s Mental Health Week is a crucial time to raise awareness of the mental health support needed for young people in schools.  Yet while fantastic work is underway in our city to support mental health, current central Government funding has not been able to provide the levels of support our schools need. Their current plans to reach a handful of pupils by 2030 are completely inadequate, and ignore the immediate needs of thousands of our children. Children also face complex challenges to their mental health such as the long term use of mobile phones and social media. 

“I’m delighted that Green proposals aiming to boost support for our young people in school were backed by all parties. So I urge the council and our family of schools to work together to focus on what preventative work is available and help our city’s children to achieve the best they can for themselves in both their academic education and their emotional and mental wellbeing, no matter what background they come from.”


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Green GroupNotice of Motion: Mental Health in Schools:$

[2] Cllr Knight’s full speech for Full Council January 31st is available online:


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