Greens celebrate the contribution of the LGBT community this LGBT History Month

Green Councillors have spoken out in support of city-wide celebrations of LGBT history month this February.

Greens are encouraging residents to explore, learn and celebrate the contribution of the LGBT community through a series of events taking place across the city. This year’s LGBT history month marks 50 years on from the Stonewall Riots, a critical moment in the history of LGBT rights and community activism.

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty commented:

“LGBT history month is a crucial point in the year when organisations like the city council can reiterate our support for LGBT equality. But in the 50thanniversary of the Stonewall riots- which was a defining time for the LGBT community- it’s also an important point in the year to understand how much more work is to be done to achieve full LGBT equality both here and across the world. Events that have been organised in our city by the Museums and the council’s own LGBT Workers’ Forum give us all the chance to celebrate the often hidden history of the LGBT community and recognise the experiences of LGBT people today.

“We need outward signs that the council is serious about marking this important time– that could include flying the rainbow flag above our Town Halls like many other councils and the Welsh Assembly. Greens want to see the city council deepen our support for the entire LGBT community with outward civic recognition of the diversity of our community and an annual celebration of the community during LGBT history month. Building on our work when we ran the council- initiating the award-winning trans equality scrutiny and health needs assessment, recognition of bi-awareness day and top equality awards from Stonewall for LGBT work in schools, Brighton and Hove Greens have a vision for a future of LGBT equality.  There is much to do and we look forward to unveiling our commitments to the LGBT community in our manifesto.”  


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