Contractor for seafront light repairs has confirmed investigation underway in response to leader’s letter: Greens push contractor for answers over attempted sale of Grade II listed seafront heritage lanterns

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty has today requested urgent answers from contractors responsible for  heritage lanterns on the seafront promenade, after two lamps were found for sale on a social media site.

Contractor COLAS, which is responsible for the safe storage of the lanterns as part of lighting safety works, has been asked to apologise and account for the series of events that led to two lanterns appearing for ‘sale’ on Facebook marketplace.

In a strongly worded letter, Cllr Mac Cafferty has asked that COLAS both make a public apology for the temporary loss of the lanterns and commit to a full investigation of the events leading to their apparent sale.

Councillor Mac Cafferty said:

“I have been horrified to learn, as have many in the city, that two of the city’s historic seafront lamps were listed as being for sale online. These lanterns form a key part of our city’s beloved heritage and seafront promenade, and were under the care of external contractors. Strict instructions were explained and agreed for their care, repair and return.

“This is our city’s property and deserves the utmost care and attention. Since sending on my letter, I have already received acknowledgment from the CEO of Colas and a commitment that a strict investigation is underway, as well as an assurance that lessons learned will be shared. This is welcome, and I will remain in contact with them on their investigation – my focus now is to do everything to ensure that this is never allowed to happen again.” 


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