Greens celebrate city’s Youth Parliament contribution and call on council to heed demands of young people

Climate emergency, knife crime, mental health and hate crime are top priority in UK Youth Parliament ‘Make Your Mark,’ survey

Brighton and Hove City Council will discuss the results of the UK Youth Parliament’s annual ‘Make Your Mark’ survey and review Green proposals to explore the council’s progress to meet the demands of young people.

Make Your Mark, which takes place every year, is a survey completed for all young people throughout the UK. It asks them to detail what issues matter to them. The top five results are debated at Youth Parliament’s Annual Sitting, a debate of Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) in the House of Commons Chamber.

The top five results from this year’s survey were to protect the environment, put an end to knife crime, tackle mental health, end hate crime and to develop a curriculum to prepare for life.

The Green proposals also congratulate Glyn Griffiths from Brighton and Hove Youth Council, who took part in the Annual Sitting on Friday 8th November.

Councillor Hannah Clare, who will put forward the proposals, said:

“As a former member of UK Youth Parliament myself, I know how valued the input and action from elected representatives is to achieving our goals. As a result, I want the council to explore what we can do to meet the results of their annual survey of young people.

“I’m particularly excited to see that tackling the climate emergency has come out as a priority and look forward to working with young people in Brighton and Hove to ensure our climate crisis is taken seriously.”


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