Green Party Deputy Leader to join East Brighton campaign

Jeremy Corbyn is not the only national politician to be in Brighton tomorrow. Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack will be in in town supporting Mitch Alexander’s campaign in the East Brighton by-election.

Amelia will be meeting local members and supporters before joining Mitch and her team speaking to local residents.

Womack, who is again standing for deputy leader, wants to promote the Green’s distinctive message and is calling for unity in a time of political disorder nationally and locally in Brighton & Hove.

“Currently, the Greens have a unique opportunity to prove what a united and consistent party we are. With the current political turmoil we need to show that unity, whether it’s on fighting for social housing or tackling climate change. I think it’s also important that we highlight that as a member driven party, our ethos doesn’t change based on who is at the leadership.”

An active city campaigner, Green candidate Mitch was one of the leading figures in the fight to stop the Labour Council putting up council tax bills for those on benefits and low incomes. More recently she led the campaign to stop the Willows GP Surgery in Bevendean from closing down, and has fought for better bus services to and from city estates, including her current work with the people of the Bristol Estate in East Brighton who are suffering with a very infrequent bus service.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas also joined the campaign last week.

Caroline said:

“Mitch has grown from a passionate activist into a central figure at the heart of local issues in Brighton. Her work on the Save the Willows and Meadowview campaigns and more recently working with the residents of the Bristol Estate for better bus services, proves that she understands what matters to local communities in our city.”

The election takes place this Thursday 4th August.


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