Greens say Brighton & Hove must shine brighter in face of division

Greens vow to fight for workers and the environment after Brexit win

June 24th, 2016

Green Councillors in Brighton and Hove have vowed to fight against a “bonfire of regulations” which could be seen following the EU referendum result to leave the EU.  Greens say they will oppose any weakening of environmental protection or worker’s rights which may follow Brexit.

The Green Councillors have expressed their concerns about the expected impact of Brexit on local government, but say Brighton & Hove is determined to continue to act as a beacon of hope, tolerance and equality in an increasingly divisive world.

Greens have called the Leave vote a “wake up call” as to the level of anger and disillusionment many UK residents have with the political status quo.  Greens are calling for a period of reflection at national level, to explore how the political system and how the media choose to communicate it, can better reflect people’s concerns, and allow the country to come together around shared values of equality, fairness and public service.


Deputy Convener of the Green Group of councillors, Councillor Alex Phillips, said:

“We are naturally disappointed by the result of the referendum, which was extremely close.  I’m pleased to see that Brighton and Hove spoke decisively against leaving the EU but sadly this was not reflected elsewhere in the country.

“We must now work harder than ever to oppose any weakening of environmental protection or worker’s rights that may follow Brexit.  That means working together with other progressive voices to protect hard-won rights and freedoms which could now be under threat.

“At a local level, the council has used EU funding successfully to tackle addiction and support economic regeneration.  Without this support, it is more important than ever that Government commits to greater investment in local government, and measures to give residents real power and resources over the future direction of their communities, that go substantially further than the devolution-lite proposals currently on offer.  Brighton & Hove has spoken out clearly in favour of a more tolerant, inclusive society and that’s what we must be empowered to deliver.

“We are concerned with the long-term impact of an increasingly divisive and hostile referendum campaign which has pitted neighbour against neighbour.  It’s clear we cannot ignore the concerns of people across the country and must work harder to connect with our neighbours to convey a more positive message.  As a city, Brighton & Hove is a shining example of a more tolerant and inclusive city, and we must ensure we shine brighter in an increasingly divided world.  We all have a role to play in spreading that message of hope”.


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