Thank you! Strong city support in Euros – a launch pad for general election


Keith Taylor MEP
Pic: Keith Taylor MEP – re-elected to represent Southeast England at the EU Parliament

Keith Taylor, the Green Party MEP for South East England, has been re-elected to the European parliament with a strong vote in Brighton and Hove for the Greens.

The Greens beat the Liberal Democrats in the region and across the UK, polling over a million votes nationally.

The party also gained a Euro-MP seat in the Southwest and held their seat in London.

Mr Taylor said, “I am honoured to have been re-elected as an MEP for South East England. At this election Greens offered voters hope, whilst others peddled fear and division.

“As an MEP for South East England I will stand up for my constituents, wherever they come from and however they choose to live their lives.

“It’s my honour to be back in Brussels working to make the EU more democratic and less dominated by big business.”

Strong city support

Greens held strong support across the city of Brighton and Hove with more than a quarter of the vote and polled top place in Brighton Pavilion constituency.

The party polled a strong second place in the city as a whole confounding political opponents and some media commentators who had claimed that the party would not win significant support among local voters this time.

Lisa Murray, Chair of Brighton and Hove Green Party, said, “Other parties had been quick to write us off in the city, especially with the near media blackout compared to UKIP, yet the city result shows that we are holding our own here, proving strong support for Green values, confounding all the critics and ensuring thousands of votes to help re-elect Greens to Europe.”

Lisa added, “We’re not taking anything for granted but, from the close race city-wide with Labour, it looks likely we are ahead of all the other parties in Brighton Pavilion constituency – so it’s a strong launch pad for the elections next year.”

The Southeast result came on a night which also saw the Greens in the region gain three new council seats in local elections.

Southeast Result BBC

City area vote for European Parliament:

LAB 20,414 GRN 18,586 CON 15,626 UKIP: 14,205 L D: 4,025 Others 2,920.

For more information please contact the party office on 01273 766 670.



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