Thank you to all who voted Green on Thursday 2 May in Brighton council by-elections caused by Labour’s mishandled candidate selection

Green candidates congratulated the new Labour councillors on being elected to represent the people of Kemptown and Queen’s Park wards on Brighton & Hove City Council.

The results, which were announced Sunday afternoon, showed a drop in support for Labour and an increase in support for the Greens. There was a 8.5% swing from Labour to the Greens in Queen’s Park, with Labour’s vote dropping by 14%.

Luke Walker, the Green candidate in Queen’s Park, said “These by-elections were unnecessary and caused by Labour’s failure to vet their own candidates properly, but voters have selected Labour to represent them again and I wish the new councillors well.

“I had a great response on the doorsteps in Queen’s Park and will do my best to make sure that the new councillor delivers for local people.”

Ricky Perrin, the Green candidate in Kemptown, said “Well done to the new Labour councillor, but I hope this time they do the work that the people here need. And that means getting on top of missed rubbish and recycling collections, increased litter, potholes, blocked pavements, drug dealers, dog poo, graffiti, street safety and anti-social behaviour. So far, Labour’s performance on these issues has been very poor. I hope the new councillor can do a lot better.”

Green Council Group convenor Cllr Steve Davis commented, “We are only one year into this Labour administration and we are already seeing their support drop substantially. If this result were replicated across the city, Labour would lose five of its current councillors to the Greens.”

“This was an increase in support for Brighton & Hove Green Party and shows that local people are looking for better than what Labour are offering.

“Our candidates showed how passionate local Greens are about improving our neighbourhoods and city, and we want to thank them for their great work in both wards.”

Cllr Davis added, “We congratulate the new Labour councillors on their election and we will make sure they deliver on the promises they have made to voters.”


Full results from Brighton & Hove City Council


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