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Siân Berry: Brighton deserves a strong voice in Parliament, unafraid and unwhipped

Siân revealed what voters in Brighton have said they want from their next Green MP at an evening event held today.

The event was hosted by Zack Polanski, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, alongside the MP for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas.

Kiri, from the youth-led ‘Green New Deal Rising’, spoke to the urgency felt by younger people in the face of climate chaos.

Siân has knocked on thousands of doors across the constituency since her selection as the Greens’ candidate in July last year and on Saturday evening presented to party activists and members what Greens have identified as the issues that matter most to people in Brighton leading up to this year’s expected general election. 

Siân said: “My conversations with people have shown me just what an exciting, creative, caring and independently minded place Brighton is.

“In the middle of a growing crisis of inequality, climate concern and simple daily living costs, people have told me what matters most to them from their next MP and I am determined to deliver.

“The cornerstones of our campaign will uphold these concerns and that’s why it will be completely people-powered.

“I am delighted that Kiri from youth campaign Green New Deal Rising joined us today because the way they are working on the ground, listening and acting upon young people’s need for green investment in a better future is exactly how our campaign will continue to work for every generation in every part of Brighton Pavilion [constituency].

“The people of Brighton Pavilion deserve a strong voice in Parliament, unafraid and unwhipped. If I’m elected to continue in Caroline Lucas’ footsteps I will be fearless in advocating for the things that matter to people”.

The event was held in the same week that Labour has ditched its own flagship green pledge to spend £28bn, in a major U-turn. The spending pledge had previously been a main part of the party’s environmental plans.

Siân added: “In the last few days we have found out that the world has exceeded 1.5 degrees of warming for a whole year, while Labour are moving further away from any environmental commitments on their collision course with reality. 

“This massive back-down has been rumoured for so long that many people in Brighton have already raised this on the doorstep as a key reason Green MPs are needed to hold the next government to account.

“We are listening; we are delighted to have the backing of influential youth and climate campaigners who are only one group expressing their distrust of Labour on climate.”

Since launching last July the campaign continues to gain momentum. With a focus on water quality and why we need to take it back into public hands, NHS waiting times, young peoples’ mental health, and getting to grips with the housing crisis, what is being heard on the doorstep is reflected in the party’s campaign package to keep Brighton green.

Siân was selected as the Green Party’s Brighton Pavilion candidate last July, after Caroline Lucas announced that she would be standing down as the country’s long standing and only Green MP at the next general election.

Siân is a former co-leader and principal speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales.