Dismay as Labour councillors vote against plan to save Bartholomew’s School and Bright Start Nursery from immediate closure

Labour councillors reject alternative proposal to merge sites

A last-ditch proposal to explore alternatives to save Bright Start nursery and St Bartholomew’s School from closure has been rejected by Labour Councillors at a meeting of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Children’s Committee yesterday evening.

Committee members were asked by the Greens to consider pausing the closure plans in order that an alternative proposal, asking the council to explore situating Bright Start Nursery within St Bartholomew’s School, could be properly investigated.

However, Labour councillors rejected the proposal to explore the alternatives, voting instead to press ahead with the school and nursery closures.  

Green councillor Chloë Goldsmith said: “I am appalled that in the face of such strong opposition to their school closure plans, Labour Councillors could not bring it upon themselves to even consider exploring a set of alternatives that could save St Bart’s from immediate closure and maintain Bright Start’s current provision, including the vital places for under twos.

“The option of situating the nursery within the school is one supported by the school and campaigners and there are even suggestions about how this could be funded.

“Merging the sites could both save a well-loved school and nursery, and help Labour meet their own national manifesto pledges of combining school and nursery provision. 

“Greens have always been clear that closing schools in our city must be a last resort – one that should only be on the table after every other option has been properly evaluated.

“This stubborn refusal to explore the options has left families in the city centre bereft of the representation they deserve, and that Labour promised at the last local election.”


[1] Notice of Motion proposing alternatives 
Item 45g – Notices of Motion.pdf (brighton-hove.gov.uk)


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