Greens confirmed as Opposition and announce new team of spokespeople 

Following the formal introduction of new councillors, Greens are confirmed as Official Opposition with a team of spokespeople focusing on key issues impacting the city

Today, Brighton & Hove’s City Council held its annual council meeting where new councillors were formally introduced, and roles were announced. 

The Green Group of Councillors were unanimously confirmed as the Official Opposition, tasked with ensuring that the Labour administration are delivering the best for residents and the city.

Greens have also announced the positions that the members of their team now hold. In addition to ward issues, each Green councillor is focusing on different matters that the council addresses. The team is as follows:

  • Cllr Steve Davis (Preston Park) –  Leader of the Opposition, Transport Spokesperson 
  • Cllr Sue Shanks (West Hill & North Laine) – Deputy Leader, Finance Lead, Children, Families & Schools Spokesperson 
  • Cllr Pete West (Round Hill) – Deputy Leader, Health Spokesperson 
  • Cllr Kerry Pickett (Preston Park) – Environment Spokesperson 
  • Cllr Ellen Mcleay (West Hill & North Laine) – Housing Spokesperson 
  • Cllr Raphael Hill (Round Hill) – Culture and Tourism Spokesperson 
  • Cllr Chloë Goldsmith (Regency) – Equalities and Workers’ Rights Spokesperson 

Cllr Steve Davis [he/him] said:  

“I am so proud to be standing alongside my fellow Green councillors. While I’m sad to be saying goodbye to so many capable and committed councillors, this is also a day to celebrate the brilliant team that has been elected.

“We’ve got a hell of a job in front of us. Labour have found themselves with a huge majority, and they’ll expect to be able to do whatever they want over the coming months and years. But Greens will be scrutinising Labour at every turn, to make sure they act in the best interests of the city and its residents, not just themselves. 

“This new Green team gives the city an opposition with both experience and freshness. One of the key changes we Green councillors want to make is to move away from focusing on any one leadership figure, and instead highlighting that we are a team with different strengths and specialisms. Expect to see all our councillors holding Labour to account, talking with the city, working hard for our wards and fighting for the issues people care about. There’s a lot of work to do.” 


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