Greens put a Sustainable Food Strategy on the menu for Brighton & Hove

From community composting to expanding allotments, the Greens lay out their vision for food in, from and for the city’s residents

Responding to the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership’s questions, Green Party candidates have unveiled their manifesto plans for local food in Brighton & Hove. 

These plans offer exciting new proposals. To facilitate more local food-growing, Greens will increase allotments and develop a community farm. Composting will be emphasised, with a new food waste collection being introduced. And, while the City Downlands Estate Plan will help encourage more sustainable farming, we will also work with local organisations who promote local food growing. 

The bread-and-butter work of running a council is also pledged to. Residents can be confident that they will get information and support from council services on what is available and how they can access it. Similarly, local independent businesses and start-ups can continue to depend on the one-to-one support they have been receiving from the Business & Intellectual Property Centre to launch and build their businesses. The Greens are confident that under their leadership, the city will retain its Gold Sustainable Food Cities Award status.

To read the Greens’ full answers to the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership’s questions, click here.

Candidate and Deputy Leader Siriol Hugh-Jones said:

“The cost-of-living crisis hits everyone’s pockets; by prioritising and facilitating local food growth, we argue that the cheaper option of growing our own is also healthier, better for the city’s economy and more sustainable for people and the planet.

“Our plans on this are bold. Our Sustainable Food Strategy will involve increasing the number of allotments in the city, ensuring they are tenanted and introducing community composting via a food waste collection. Equally, the City Downland Estate Plan offers an exciting vision for our council-owned farmland. The plan will provide an affordable and sustainable local food supply, through farmers, producers and community food-growing.

“Greens continue to lead the way of food sustainability, healthier communities and a local economy in Brighton & Hove.”


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