Rebecca Duffy, Alexander Sallons and former councillor Ollie Sykes selected as Green Party candidates for Goldsmid ward in May 2023 local elections

Brighton and Hove Green Party has selected Rebecca Duffy, Alexander Sallons and Ollie Sykes as its three candidates for Goldmsid ward in the upcoming local council elections in May 2023.

Rebecca Duffy, a lecturer and copywriter, said:

“I have lived in Hove for over 12 years and am grateful to Councillor Marianna Ebel for all she has done to help make Goldsmid such a lively, friendly and diverse neighbourhood.

“I’m passionate about affordable housing and helping Brighton & Hove meet its net zero carbon pledge. If elected as councillor I would do my utmost to represent everyone in Goldsmid ward.”

Alexander Sallons, lives in the ward and works in Hove as a Barista. Alexander is an active campaigner on workers’ and renters’ rights

He said:

“I think it’s important that we have people from all walks of life on the Council and that should include hospitality workers. I want to work to make the city more affordable for people like me and improve walking and cycling infrastructure.

“I’d like to thank councillor Marianna Ebel for all the hard work she’s put in to improve things for her constituents.”

Experienced former councillor Ollie Sykes said:

“Through my work on the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership board I’ve seen the impact the last decade of government cuts has had on our city with more people depending on foodbanks and free school meals.

“The national government has stolen from our residents and our city, while fossil fuel companies pocket record breaking profits. We need more Green councillors putting people’s wellbeing and future at the heart of decision making. I’m re-standing because I believe that we have the policies to serve the people and help them get through this mess the Tories created.”

Ollie works as a climate change consultant for a large civil engineering company. He led Brighton & Hove City Council to declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies in 2018, during his eight years advocating for residents in the Brunswick & Adelaide ward of Hove.

Councillor Marianna Ebel will continue to serve her constituents until the next local elections in May 2023.


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