Centre is ‘vital space for young and old’ at the heart of the community, say Green Councillors

21 September 2018

The Cornerstone Community Centre on Church Road, Hove, will commemorate 25 years of supporting local residents this weekend. [1]

Founded in 1989 as a result of a joint collaboration with local residents and the existing St John the Baptist Church, the centre is now a popular community hub, welcoming over 60 groups a week to offer support to a wide range of community members with activities ranging from yoga for sufferers of M.E to parenting classes and language courses.

Local ward councillors Ollie Sykes and Phélim Mac Cafferty have spoken out in support of the work of the centre to bring communities in the area together and combat isolation and loneliness.

Green Councillor Ollie Sykes, a trustee of the Cornerstone Community Centre, commented:

“I’ve been a Trustee of the Cornerstone for the past seven years and can’t praise highly enough it’s fantastic staff and volunteers. Not only do they work all hours to provide space for a variety of community groups and activities but they also keep their part of St John’s Church and garden looking amazing. Cornerstone: many congratulations and happy returns on your 25th birthday.”

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, added:

“The Cornerstone provides a much needed space for the local community with a reach far beyond Hove. It is a fantastic organisation and a place with something to offer both young and old, tackling isolation and bringing people together. With bookings through the roof the Cornerstone is an exemplar of how effective community centres can work. We want to see it go from strength to strength, and offer our congratulations on the 25th birthday. Here’s to 25 more.”


[1] Cornerstone Community Centre is based on Church Road, Hove: https://www.cornerstone-hove.org.uk/


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