Goldsmid Ward Candidates announcement

25 July 2018


The Brighton & Hove Green Party has selected its candidates for the Goldsmid ward in the May 2019 council elections: Councillor Amanda Knight, Deputy Convenor of the Green Group of Councillors and spokesperson for the Corporate Parenting Board and campaigners Steve Moses and Mariana Ebel.


Councillor Amanda Knight commented:

“Standing in Goldsmid Ward for a second term gives me the opportunity to show my commitment to representing the ward. If residents re-elect me, then I’d be delighted to continue speaking up for the residents of Goldsmid and carry on my commitment to supporting the children of the city. After 17 years of living locally I’m pleased to be standing up for the issues that matter.”


Steve Moses added:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to stand for election in Goldsmid Ward for the Brighton and Hove Green party in the council elections in May. I believe Green Party Councillors have made a major contribution to making Brighton and Hove the successful, vibrant, forward looking city that it is today. The rejuvenation of the Level, the transformation of Seven Dials, the introduction of 20mph speed limits, improvements to pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and the adoption of the Living Wage by so many local employers are just some of the outstanding achievements brought about by Green Councillors. If I’m elected, having the chance to add my own contribution to these achievements, especially in the historic Goldsmid area of Hove would be a fantastic challenge and a great honour.”


Mariana Ebel stated:

“I‘m thrilled to have been chosen as a Green Party candidate for the upcoming Brighton & Hove council elections, with the opportunity to represent my local Goldsmid ward.
“I would like to thank my fellow Greens for their trust in selecting me and hope that my passion and love for this fantastic city will be of benefit to everyone. If I’m successful in next year’s council elections I will work hard to improve the lives of all residents. Issues I see that need to be tackled include waste recycling, transport, the effects of austerity and the ongoing damage to our environment. I believe that we need to look after the vulnerable, families and elderly people. I’m looking forward to working together with my fellow Councillors in Goldsmid.”


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