Keith Taylor MEP for the South East Weekly Update

26 June 2018

26th June


Green MEP celebrates Clean Air Day with a call for a new Clean Air Act for Britain

Vocal air pollution campaigner Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East and a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, is offering his full support to the nationwide Clean Air Day taking place on Thursday, 21 June.

In a statement, the senior Green Party politician said: “I am proud to support Clean Air Day; it’s a vitally important way to help raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution.”

“I’ve been campaigning for better air quality across our towns and cities for years now, and am heartened that we now have initiatives like this, which are not only resonating with people but working to tackle the issue head-on.”

“I’m delighted to see so much planned for my constituency in the South East. From the school visits to bike rides, from festivals to public health events, people across the South East are supporting the call for action.”

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Green MEP slams Government’s latest air pollution plan

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East and a member of the European Parliament’s Transport and Environment Committees, marked Clean Air Day by submitting a response to the Government’s latest air quality consultation and calling on Ministers to take responsibility for the toxic crisis blighting the UK’s towns and cities.

In his response, the senior Green Party politician said:

“The approach set out by the Government, in the initial Air Quality Plan and in this supplement, is to focus only on the current problem areas. Whilst it is of course an imperative to bring areas in excess of the recommended limits back to safe levels as quickly as possible. But focusing only on these particular roads is short-sighted and misses the point of delivering sustainable mobility more generally.”

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