Caroline Lucas increases Pavilion poll lead; Labour falls to third place behind Conservatives

A new ICM opinion poll published today shows that in the two years since the last General Election, the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas has increased her lead significantly in the constituency of Brighton Pavilion, while Labour has fallen to third place behind a revived Conservative Party.

The poll, carried out by ICM in Brighton Pavilion over the May bank holiday weekend, just before the UK’s general election campaigning officially started, shows that Caroline Lucas, who was elected to parliament in 2010 as the UK’s first Green MP, has increased her lead from 42% of the vote in the general election of May 2015 to 47% at the beginning of May 2017.

Labour, in the same constituency, has dropped back from just over 27% of the vote in 2015 to 23% in 2017, down more than 4%, while the Conservative Party has a 2% rise, from 23% to 25%, overtaking Labour. It is the only party in the constituency, apart from the Green Party, to show an increase.

Brighton & Hove Green Party elections coordinator Tom Beament said: “Over the last two years, since her re-election, Caroline Lucas has gained even more popularity and respect than she held in 2015, through the huge amount of work she’s been doing for the people of Pavilion and through the national leadership she has been showing on so many issues, whether it’s to stand up for the NHS or the environment, for education or housing, for public ownership of the railways or against Theresa May’s brutal, extreme Brexit.”

Tom Beament continued: “With the Conservatives now placed second and Labour falling away, a vote for Caroline is not only a vote for a better future but the only way of stopping the Tories from making new inroads into Brighton.”

  • Research on a number of questions was carried out by leading pollsters ICM Unlimited, with fieldwork carried out between 27 April and 1 May 2017, and results published on 3 May 2017.
  • Results were based on interviews with 1,001 residents aged 18+ across the Brighton Pavilion constituency area
  • Summary results are published here


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