Green MEP presents ‘Green Vision of Europe’ to residents in Brighton & Hove


Keith Taylor, Green Member of European Parliament for the South East, is to speak at a public meeting on Friday 13th November about why the Greens are campaigning to remain in the EU.

The meeting, organised by the Dialogue Society in Brighton [1], comes in the same week that David Cameron outlined his negotiation terms on the UK’s membership of the EU to the European Commission. [2]

Keith said:

“I look forward to speaking with my constituents in Brighton & Hove about the upcoming EU referendum, and hearing their views.

This week, David Cameron presented an utterly depressing picture of the kind of EU he is looking to create. One which prioritises big business and finance firms in the City of London over the protection of people and our environment.

Greens have a different vision for Europe. I want the UK to remain part of the EU because I believe we must work with our European neighbours to overcome our shared challenges –from tackling climate change, to cleaning up our beaches and forcing our government to act on deadly air pollution. And unlike Cameron, I celebrate freedom of movement and believe the rights of people – workers, migrants, consumers – should be protected, not removed.

The EU needs reform – to make it more democratic and to ensure better protection of people and our environment. But we can only achieve this if we remain at the table. Cameron isn’t the only voice calling for changes; the Green voice for remaining in Europe is distinct, and we will make sure it is heard.”






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