Residents urge council to support their community plan for parking


For over a year residents in Hanover and Elm Grove (HEG), through their Local Action Team (HEGLAT) have been conducting surveys and meeting together to develop a “community plan” for parking and street improvements in the area. The outline proposal, which has the support of Green and Labour councillors for Hanover and Elm Grove, will go the City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee on July 7th with a request for officers to work with community representatives to produce fully costed proposals for final consultation.

Local Green councillor, and joint architect of the plan, David Gibson is calling for the committee to support the plan, saying it models a positive way for the council to work with communities to improve their streets. He said:

“What is different about our plan is that it is based on over 1000 surveys about what residents actually need rather than a one size fits all formula. In the past residents have resisted the imposition of a parking zone for Hanover, but this time we have worked out our own proposal which has a good level of support partly because it is a compromise between different needs. Some people are desperate for restrictions whereas others would rather put up with the area being used as the only free car park near the centre of town even though sometimes it is choked with cars”

He added: “The plan has lots of novel features and will raise a lot of money, so we are looking to see other street improvements introduced at the same time, especially in Elm Grove, where dangerous pavement parking is routine. In another road, residents want a community planter redesigned which neighbours will maintain.”

“Coming up with our own plan has been an exciting and creative process and points the way forward for the council to work more in partnership, harnessing the knowledge and enthusiasm of communities. I urge the members of the council committee to give the green light to the community plan and work with us for long overdue parking and street improvements”



Details of deputation to Environment Transport & Sustainability committee on 7th July:$

Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action Team (HEG-LAT). Details of parking survey and community-led parkin scheme proposals



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