Greens Launch Campaign To Save Post Office


Green Councillors are leading a campaign to stop the Post Office on Western Road being closed in early 2016. Post Office Limited launched a public consultation on the future of the post office at 22 Western Road, Hove on 24th June 2015, saying that the existing provision would be ‘merged’ with a post office on Melville Road, about a mile distant up a hill. The result would be that the post office on Western Road would close permanently.

Ollie Sykes, ward Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide ward said“There’s huge public opposition to this move. When we heard about the proposal, we launched an online petition to see what local residents thought. In less than two days, more than 1500 people signed the petition to Post Office Limited, asking that the Brunswick Town post office be saved.

“ People have commented that they use the service every day, and that the service is so good there that they come from other parts of town to use this post office. It’s at the perfect location in the heart of Brunswick Town and the centre of the local community. The alternative provision put forward will be inconvenient if not inaccessible to many residents.” 

Phelim Mac Cafferty, fellow ward Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide ward said: “Our post office is central to our community and we believe that’s exactly where it should stay. 

“I would really like to know the rationale for this move: the post office is much-loved and incredibly well used. It seems to be yet another penny-pinching exercise from the Post Office. 

“Further, the proposed closure will hurt our infirm and elderly residents hardest who will have to go all the way to Melville Road post office- that’s a mile away up steep hills. The sad reality is that those residents simply won’t bother so in effect this proposal will cut them off from post office services. Have Post Office tested their decision to make sure it won’t disproportionately harm some parts of the community? Our suggestion is that they haven’t. 

” We will continue to oppose this closure and encourage everyone who values the crucial role post offices play in our society to sign too.


Online consultation about this proposed closure:

38 degrees petition to save the post office:



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