Green vehicle speed policies are saving lives on city's streets



* Casualties down 18.3% under Green administration

* Road deaths have dipped by 63% from 2010 to last year

Road casualties have declined in Brighton and Hove for the third year running.

The latest decline in casualties again demonstrates that Green Party transport policies are saving lives and making Brighton and Hove a safer place.

The latest statistics from the Department for Transport (1) reveal that there were a total of 908 casualties in Brighton and Hove in 2013 (2).

In 2010, the year before the Greens took control of the administration in Brighton and Hove, there were 1,111 casualties (3). Road deaths have dipped by 63% from 2010 (8 deaths) to last year (3).

The Green Party has worked tirelessly to make Brighton and Hove’s roads safer for road users and pedestrians and the 18.3% decrease in road casualties under the Green administration demonstrate that Green policies are having a positive impact.

Ian daveyCouncillor Ian Davey, the council’s lead member for transport, said, “When we came into administration, Brighton and Hove had one of the worst road safety records in the country; now, thanks in part to our traffic calming and speed reduction measures, we have seen a dramatic fall in the number of people getting killed and injured on our roads.

“The number of casualties have now fallen for the third year in a row with 200 fewer people killed and injured on the roads of this city in 2013 than in 2010. Surely this is something that we can all welcome?

“It shows that bold Green policies such as 20 mph are achieving their purpose: to make the city a safer place in which to live, work and visit. It vindicates our policy against all those critics and opposition parties who have tried to put obstacles in the way.”

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader of England & Wales, said, “These figures go to prove that when people vote Green, they get Green. On transport and other policies, the Green Party is not afraid to be bold and challenging if it means delivering real change for the common good.”

Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion constituency, said, “It’s very encouraging that the roads and streets in Brighton and Hove are becoming safer for everyone thanks to a concerted effort. Even more lives could be saved if the Government would make enough dedicated funding available to transform routes and invest further in local level schemes.”


For more information please contact the Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.


2. Three people were killed, 142 seriously injured, and 762 were slightly injured.




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