Councillor urges Tesco to end sale of pornographic 'lads mags'

Councillor Ruth Buckley Ladsmags demo Tesco Hove

Pic: Councillor Ruth Buckley (left) and campaigners at Hove’s
Church Road Tesco display sexist ‘lads mags’ on sale at the store

Green councillor Ruth Buckley joined campaigners from Brighton and Hove calling on supermarket giant Tesco to stop selling pornographic ‘lads mags’.

The campaign is asking the supermarket chain to drop the publications on account of their portrayal of pornographic images and violence all within view of young and impressionable children.

Campaigners demonstrated outside the Tesco Superstore on Church Road, Hove, on Saturday.

An online petition hRuth Buckleyas received thousands of signatures of support and runs alongside the campaign ‘No More Page 3’ which Caroline Lucas has been championing in Parliament.

A recent legal ruling has stated selling these magazines can constitute sex discrimination under the Equality Act, though the Government has, so far, refused to take them off the shelves in retail outlets in Parliamentary buildings.

Ruth said, “With inequality rife throughout all aspects of daily living, magazines such as these should have been consigned to the dustbin in the last century.

“Impressionable young people see these images on a daily basis which helps form the idea that this is somehow normal.

“Women should not be defined by their appearance, but defined by their beliefs and judged by their actions.”

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas MP said, “The ‘normalisation’ of images like these in supermarkets is unacceptable.

“By stocking such magazines, Tesco is choosing to ignore extensive research showing that there are clear links between such publications and the acceptance of violence against women and girls.

“I will continue to stand up and speak out in Parliament on this, by challenging media sexism, and by working with the ‘Lose the Lads Mags’ campaign on a meeting in Parliament.

“This meeting will invite retailers to account for their decision to stock material that is offensive, is discriminatory and is highly damaging.

“I look forward to working with local campaigners and to ensuring that children in particular are no longer exposed to ‘lads mags’ at any retailer anywhere in Brighton and Hove.”



For more info please contact the Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.



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