'Go Green' Caroline Lucas urges disappointed LibDem voters


Green Party Conference September 2011 Sheffield

Sheffield - Green party conference city autumn 2011

“Lib Dems aren’t getting what they want. But they’re helping the Tories give the rest of us things we don’t want”

Caroline LucasBrighton MP and national Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas used her keynote address to Green Party autumn conference on Friday in Sheffield to encourage disaffected LibDem voters to go Green.

She said: “This is not a true coalition. This is a Tory government being kept in power by the LibDems.”

“I have a special message for those LibDem supporters who are beginning to despair of the path their leadership has taken them down.

“If you became involved in politics to serve your local community, to protect the environment, or to challenge inequality, then join us.

“We are working for the same ends. You’ll find many former LibDems among our ranks. And your contribution to politics in our country is more valuable than ever.”

Pointing to each LibDem minister, Caroline outlined how the coalition is falling short of what Lib Dem voters expected before the 2010 general election.

Lucas said: “[LibDem Energy Secretary] Chris Huhne’s government has slashed support to marine renewables, caused chaos in the solar industry, promoted new deep water drilling, and given the green light to shale gas fracking.

“Then there’s Vince Cable at Industry – whose sole idea for more employment seems to be boosting the arms trade?

“…..Who missed the chance to see Northern Rock turned back into a mutual, rather than sold off to the highest bidder?

“….We have Danny Alexander at the Treasury.

“And one of his top ideas for reducing the deficit? Selling off our forests.

“And Nick Clegg, of course. The Minister for meeting angry people and being shouted at.”

Lucas emphasised that: “The LibDems aren’t getting what they want.

“But they’re also helping the Tories give the rest of us things we don’t want, and never voted for.

“Like privatisation of the NHS. Like the cuts in services. Like £9,000 tuition fees.”



For more information please contact Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.



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