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Coronavirus update


The coronavirus is having a huge impact around the world.

Click the links to see that latest updates by Caroline Lucas and the Brighton & Hove City Council. 


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latest news

Stand with parents and teachers speaking out over plans to reopen local schools, say Greens

12th May 2020

New guidance issued on pupils return to school is  “reckless and dangerous”, Greens have said today Green Councillors have raised alarm at newly-released Government guidance on reopening schools to more […]

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Greens defend workers’ rights to refuse to work in unsafe conditions

11th May 2020

Confusing message from Prime Minister could lead to lives lost Green Convenor Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, in reaction to the speech from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has commented: “Last night, […]

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Greens welcome cycle lane expansion and call for city-wide changes to support ‘social distancing

7th May 2020

Greens welcome cycle lane expansion and call for city-wide changes to support ‘social distancing’, as well as road safety and emissions reduction, following potential Government announcement on relaxed lockdown Concerns […]

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