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latest news

Budget 2012 – True Blue budget is nail in the coffin of green government pledge

21st March 2012

  Pic: the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s burgundy budget briefcase: more true blue, certainly not green.    Some headline sell-outs – ‘Environment versus economy’ rhetoric and tax breaks for oil and […]

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Caroline Lucas champions bill to reduce food waste

20th March 2012

  Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas is championing a new campaign in Parliament to force the big supermarkets and food manufacturers to donate a proportion of their “waste” food to […]

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Vote down the NHS Bill – Greens' final appeal to city's Tory MPs

16th March 2012

  Caroline Lucas, Brighton Pavilion Green MP and councillors, joined the Save Our NHS rally outside Tory office on Saturday 17 March. Leading Greens from across the city joined campaigners […]

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