Greens select Sophie Broadbent as parliamentary candidate for Hove and Portslade and Elaine Hills for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

25 March 2024 – The Green Party is delighted to announce that local members have selected two more parliamentary candidates in Brighton and Hove. Sophie Broadbent and Elaine Hills will represent the party in the next general election alongside Sian Berry, the firm favourite to replace Green Party MP Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion.

Elaine Hills (Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven) Sophie Broadbent (Hove & Portslade)

Caroline Lucas MP said: “Having campaigned alongside both Sophie and Elaine I know how incredibly passionate they are about this community and the solutions that will truly make a difference to people’s lives here in Brighton and Hove.   

“With Sian Berry in Brighton Pavilion as well, we will have three fantastic Green Party women to represent our city at the next General Election.

“Neither of the main parties are offering the radical and transformational change which voters want and which the challenges of our time demand.

“At such a pivotal moment for action, it is more important than ever that we have Green MPs in Westminster to push the next Government to be bolder, braver and better.”

Sian Berry said: “People all along the seafront will have the chance to vote Green and Elaine, Sophie and I are united in wanting to bring more strong and independent voices to Westminster. I’m delighted at their selection.

“Whenever the Prime Minister decides to call a General Election and put the country out of its misery, we will be ready. 

“Nearly every single news story is about how our welfare state and public services are being destroyed. Green MPs will get the best out of Labour and won’t let them get away with their worst.”

Dan Rue, chair of Brighton and Hove Green Party, said: “With Sian’s fantastic campaign across Brighton Pavilion going from strength to strength, we’re now delighted to have two more great candidates in Sophie and Elaine to represent the Green Party over the entire Brighton & Hove area. 

“Despite the clear need for substantial change in our country, voters are being told they must settle for Starmer’s lacklustre Labour as a result of our broken two party political system. 

“In Sophie and Elaine we have two local, strong and independent candidates with a track record of fighting for what is right and getting results.”

In her current role, Sophie Broadbent works to help the advertising production community measure and reduce carbon use. She is also a therapeutic counsellor, and a volunteer for the Climate Psychology Alliance, supporting people with their emotions around the environmental and ecological emergency.

Sophie said, “I am very proud to be selected as Green Party candidate for MP in Hove & Portslade. I’m ready to listen to local people and work hard to represent their concerns in Westminster, where I would hold the government to account and advocate for policies that deliver a fairer, more sustainable future for everybody. 

“As a local mum of two,  I care deeply about protecting the natural world which we all rely on – and all the people living in it. I would campaign for clean water, affordable housing, a fully funded NHS, fair wages, and a better education system so we can deliver a bright future for all.”

Elaine Hills, a lecturer at the University of Brighton, has lived in the city for 25 years. She brings a wealth of experience and a proven commitment to environmental protection and social justice. Having served as a councillor in the city until 2023, she has an extensive track record of community representation and engagement, along with a clear understanding of the issues facing local residents. 

Elaine said, “It is an honour to have been selected as the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Kemptown and Peacehaven. I am deeply committed to working hard for the area’s amazing residents and to ensuring their voices are heard and represented in parliament.  

“Unlike the Tories and Labour, Greens will push for greener, fairer policies. Voters care deeply about protecting the environment. They want water,  energy and transport to be in public hands, rather than cash cows for shareholders, and Greens are the only party pushing for this. 

“More Greens in Parliament will lead to policies that prioritise the lives and well-being of residents and our precious planet. With my experience, passion and dedication, I am ready to stand up for the people of Kemptown and Peacehaven in Parliament.”



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