Green councillors urge city council to support local communities affected by the Israel – Gaza conflict


Green city councillors call on Brighton & Hove City Council to offer support to those affected by the violent events in Israel and in Palestine, ahead of a meeting of all councillors on 14 December. 

Green Councillor Chloë Goldsmith, who will propose the notice of motion on behalf of the Green Group on Thursday 14 December, said: 
“Our thoughts are with the thousands of innocent people affected by devastating violence in Israel and in Palestine.  

“My colleagues and I have been deeply disturbed by the increase in reports of antisemitism and Islamophobia, racism and prejudice. Hate has no place in our city and will only divide us.  
“We believe the Council can do more to reassure residents that they have a right to feel safe in our city.

“There are organisations that can support residents dealing with hate crimes and their good work should be publicised.

“We are calling on the Council to reach out to our communities with this information, and send a message of solidarity and peace as it has done many times in the past, in liaison with the city’s One Voice partnership of Interfaith groups and organisations fighting discrimination and prejudice. 
“Our city has always been proud to be a City of Sanctuary to all those facing hatred, terrorism, war and displacement. We must never fail to raise our voices in defence of these values.

“That is why we are also asking that Brighton & Hove City Council lobbies government on the vital issues of safe routes of passage for refugees, for the release of all hostages and to join international calls for a permanent ceasefire, so no more lives are lost.” 

Councillors of all parties and none will be asked to cast a vote on the proposals at a meeting of Full Council, Thursday 14th December.  


The notice of motion is attached below. 


Subject: Solidarity with our communities against hate 

Date of meeting: 14 December 

Proposer: Councillor Goldsmith                                                                 

Seconder: Councillor Hill 

Ward(s) affected:    All

Green Notice of Motion 

That this council notes: 

1.    Brighton and Hove’s status as a City of Sanctuary for all those fleeing persecution, conflict, hatred, and discrimination. 

2.    Brighton and Hove’s longstanding, cross-party commitment to stand against hatred in all its forms. 

3.    The concerns raised with us by residents: Jewish, Muslim, people of all faiths and none, in regard to the loss of human life in Israel and in Palestine, and the need to offer support to all residents affected by events. 

Therefore, resolves to: 

1.    Unequivocally condemn antisemitism and Islamophobia and to reaffirm our position that hate will not be tolerated in Brighton and Hove; further, to reaffirm our status as a City of Sanctuary. 

2.    Request that the council’s communications department considers publicising our stance against hatred and the contact details of organisations who can assist with the reporting of a hate crime, in liaison with the city’s One Voice and Interfaith partners; 

3.       Request that the Chief Executive write to the Foreign Secretary urging the instigation of a refugee scheme designed to provide safe routes for all those fleeing violence in Israel and in Palestine, and to call on the government to support the release of all hostages, and to join urgent calls for a permanent ceasefire to prevent more loss of life. 

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