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30 November 2018

Green MEP calls for ‘reflection and action’ on Trans Day of Remembrance

Keith Taylor MEP has joined Greens across the South East in speaking out against anti-trans violence on the Trans Day of Remembrance 2018.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance, also known as the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, has been observed annually on 20 November as a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia and highlight the continued violence endured by the transgender community.

The European Parliament Intergroup on LGBTI rights notes that, between October 2017 and September 2018, there have been 369 known victims of deadly transphobic violence.

In a statement on social media, the group said:

“Today we commemorate the 369 (known) victims of transphobic violence in the past year. No one should die simply for being who they are. Today and all days of the year, we are committed to fight for the right of trans people to life, dignity and self-determination. We are in this together.”

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Green MEP: UK bid to block shipping emissions transparency is shameful

Responding to the news that the UK has blocked efforts to make the International Maritime Organisation more transparent, Keith Taylor, a UK Green MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s Transport Committee and cautiously welcomed the body’s commitment to reduce shipping CO2 emissions by half by 2050, said:

“It is shameful that the UK government, which has repeatedly attempted to claim it is a leading light in the international effort to tackle the climate breakdown, has moved to block a bid to make the IMO more transparent. There is little doubt the move was motivated by the desire to keep under wraps the true extent of the private shipping industry’s lobbying power within the body.”

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Green MEP submits official objection to medical waste incineration plans for Newhaven

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for East Sussex, has written to Lewes District Council to formally object to Medipower’s planning application for a medical waste incinerator in Newhaven.

The senior Green politician had previously objected to the environmental permit application for the incinerator, which was subsequently granted.

Mr Taylor said:

“I will continue to stand with people across Newhaven in the fight to protect the town from these unnecessary and toxic plans. Residents have repeatedly told me they are dismayed their town is being treated as the region’s toxic dumping ground.”

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‘Surrey drilling and earthquake report doesn’t represent scientific consensus,’ Green MEP

Green MEP Keith Taylor, who has called for a moratorium on oil and gas drilling in Surrey following an unprecedented swarm of earthquakes in the region, has responded to the publication of an Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) report claiming no link between the seismic activity and nearby oil and gas drilling activity.

Mr Taylor said:

“The OGA’s findings do not represent a scientific consensus. Some independent experts have assessed the same available data and reached a very different conclusion; finding that human activity was likely to be linked to the unprecedented seismic activity in Surrey. The OGA exists to promote and facilitate oil and gas drilling; their conclusion, and certainty with which they present it, may be disappointing but it is hardly surprising.

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Green MEP welcomes vote to back British-led ‘Clean air for all’ European Parliament resolution

Following the vote, Green MEP and long-time air quality campaigner, Keith Taylor said:

“That the deaths of almost half a million EU citizens’ are linked with air pollution every year demonstrates how urgently we must act on this public health crisis. This resolution is a vital step in the right direction.”

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Keith Taylor MEP submits official response to ‘car and van emissions in case of a no deal Brexit’ consultation

Green MEP Keith Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee and European Chair of the Climate Parliament, has submitted an official response to the UK government’s ‘Regulating CO2 emission standards for new cars and vans if there’s no Brexit deal’ consultation.

The senior Green politician described the consultation as a “reminder of how chaotic and deeply destructive a ‘no deal’ Brexit would be for Britain. The complete lack of timely ‘no deal’ preparations and the entirely avoidable climate – and legislative – catastrophe it would wreak are clear from this consultation – which comes far too late in the day.”

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Green MEP writes to oil and gas industry body questioning ‘community engagement’ claims

Green MEP Keith Taylor, a staunch opponent of fracking and oil and gas drilling, has written to the head of the industry body UKOOG to question the organisation’s claims about the ‘community engagement’ its members have undertaken with local communities.

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