Plan for city’s economy ‘must focus on sustainability and green jobs’, say Greens

16 October 2018

A successful Economic Strategy for Brighton and Hove must recognise the potential of green industries to unlock hundreds of jobs, Greens have said.

Proposals for a new Economic Strategy for the city came before the Tourism, Development and Culture Committee last Thursday, with four ‘themes’ designed to enable the Council and wider partners to deliver a vision for economic growth, including a ‘Growing City’, an ‘Open City’, a ‘Talented City’ and a ‘Fair City’. Green councillors believed that while there was much in the strategy to celebrate, the glaring omission was sustainability, green jobs, and focussing the city’s economy on the future challenges posed by climate change, and proposed a fifth theme of a ‘Sustainable City’ to address this which was agreed by the committee. [2]

Spokesperson for Tourism, Development and Culture Committee, Tom Druitt commented:

“The current Economic Strategy takes an important look at what is needed to ensure the development of a strong economy in Brighton and Hove. It makes useful references to sustainable growth, inclusion and fairness. However, in the face of escalating climate change, a resilient economy will also mean a sustainable economy.

“Investment in renewable energies, low-carbon technology and green infrastructure has the potential to unlock hundreds of local jobs, create a fairer, more accessible society through a focus on public transport and public services, and minimise the cost of poor health through a renewed focus on green spaces and air quality. Brighton and Hove has the capacity to become a world leader in green technology and to develop the skills and jobs needed for the future.

“I’m delighted that a fifth pillar of sustainability has received cross-party support and look forward to seeing a healthy and sustainable future for Brighton & Hove at the heart of the city’s economic strategy.”

Councillor Mac Cafferty added:

“A United Nations report found that opportunities in renewable energy, building efficiency and other low-carbon industries could create almost 24 million extra jobs by 2030. Climate change will also have a negative impact on jobs, as more and more people will struggle with fluctuating energy bills and poor health. Greens are asking that the focus on sustainability is emphasised in the current strategy, and we are pleased to see that the Labour group agreed to our call for a fifth pillar on sustainability to become a central part of the economic plan. Our city must not miss this opportunity to focus on a greener economy and the skills needed to mitigate climate change.”



[1] Economic Strategy:

[2] Economic Strategy Green Amendments: The Green proposed ‘fifth pillar’ on sustainability is proposed to incorporate:

‘A Sustainable City: A City which looks to the future, focussing its economy on sustainable solutions to future challenges in order to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of its residents and act as a leader in developing a robust response to climate change.’


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