Brighton & Hove Green Party – What has your local Green party been up to in 2017?

26 January 2018

28 December 2017

Greens announce the selection of Ed Baker as their candidate for the upcoming East-Brighton by-election.


15 December 2017

Following a Green Party motion, Brighton and Hove city council becomes first in UK to endorse a call for a referendum to ratify any deal on Brexit.


5 December 2017

Green councillors expressed concern over a lack of action to address the low and worsening number of GPs in Brighton and Hove.


30 November 2017

Greens join the local community in marking World Aids Day; while raising concerns about budget cuts to local health services.


22 November 2017

Brighton and Hove 2018-19 budget proposal is released. Greens raise concerns about the number of services and staff members facing cuts.


26 November 2017

Greens throw party to pay tribute to party fundraiser Jack McAngus; raising £2500 in the process.


14 November 2017

Greens welcome progress on plans to use empty buildings as homeless shelters, with Brighton Centre opening its doors to rough sleepers.


24 October 2017

Greens urge Council to ‘go plastic free’ and encourage traders, residents and businesses to do the same in a bid to reduce damage plastic waste causes the environment and public health.


13 October 2017

Green Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty joins the Brighton and Hove Community Safety Forum in speaking out against hate crime.


22 September 2017

Green Councillors and MP Caroline Lucas joins doctors, health professionals and campaigners to protest against cuts to the NHS.


21 September 2017

Members of the Council’s committee agreed to a Green proposal to double the funds available to buy private homes on council estates from £1m to £2m, a move which Greens hope will boost the council’s capacity to provide affordable homes.


11 August 2017

A crumbling Grade 2 listed structure in Adelaide Crescent is set for repair after years of campaigning from local residents and work from Green Party ward Councillors.


05 August 2017

Green supporters, campaigners and councillors took part in a march for equality, calling for greater recognition of LGBT rights locally and around the world.


22 July 2017

Marking the fifth celebration of Trans Pride in Brighton and Hove, Green Party Councillors and representatives joined hundreds of people taking to the streets as part of the now annual Trans Pride march, a celebration and promotion of the diversity, history and identity of the city’s varied Trans communities.


20 July 2017

Brighton and Hove City Councillors unanimously backed a proposal from the Green Party Group of Councillors demanding a clear strategy to encourage more cycling in the city.


20 July 2017

Brighton and Hove Green Party Councillors worked with the local Labour and Conservative Groups to secure a joint response to the disaster at Grenfell Tower. All three parties called on the Government to provide additional information and support to local authorities tasked with reviewing fire safety for residents.


14 June 2017

Caroline Lucas is re-elected as MP for Brighton Pavilion, nearly doubling her majority with 52.3% of the votes.


21 April 2017

In a joint proposal put forward with Labour colleagues, Green Councillor Leo Littman pushed Brighton and Hove City Council to raise concerns with the government over the plight of child refugees,


19 April 2017

Green Councillor Tom Druitt called on the Chief Executive of Deliveroo to come forward and meet with the Council to discuss the rising number of delivery motorbikes in use in the city and the resulting impact on residents.


07 April 2017

The Green Party received unanimous support for a motion to extend its policy of non-eviction for families that are unable to pay rent as a direct result of government benefit cuts


07 April 2017

Green Councillors condemned both the Labour and Conservative City Councillors for refusing to allow further debate on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO).


05 April 2017

The rising levels of air pollution in Brighton and Hove were challenged in a proposal put forward by the Green Group of Councillors to Brighton and Hove City Council.


23 March 2017

The Greens expressed concern that the proposed re-evaluation of business rates announced in the Government’s Spring budget would disproportionately affect Brighton and Hove.


21 March 2017

After months of campaigning by local citizens and the Green Party, it was announced that the Brighton and Hove Council reversed their plans to sell Downland estate land.


08 March 2017

Budget measures announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond were slammed by the Green Group of Councillors as a ‘failure.’ Greens condemned the proposals as ‘too little, too late,’ and for offering no viable alternatives to address inequality in society.


24 February 2017

Plans from the Green Group of Councillors to reverse some of the worst elements of cuts to the city’s budget was supported by all parties in Brighton and Hove City Council.


21 February 2017

Green Councillors shared their ambitious proposals for the Council’s budget.


21 February 2017

Green Councillors called on the Council to show leadership and support for the city’s migrant residents, as they highlighted their contribution to society in a series of actions on UN Social Justice Day.


15 February 2017

Work by the Green Group of Councillors on the Council’s budget identified fresh income that the Greens proposed be used to protect key services such as the Youth Service and Elderly Care.


10 February 2017

Green MEP Keith Taylor urged the government to prioritise funding for the NHS over the building of a environmentally damaging third runway at Heathrow airport.


01 February 2017

Green Councillors Amanda Knight, Alex Phillips and Phélim Mac Cafferty stood shoulder-to-shoulder with local youth in protest of council cuts to youth services.


27 January 2017

A Green Group motion, calling for all empty council buildings to be made available for use as homeless shelters, was unanimously supported at a meeting of Brighton and Hove Council.


27 January 2017

Pressure from Green councillors secures a council commitment to avoid selling off Brighton’s dwindling housing stock.

27 January 2017

MEP Keith Taylor and Green co-leader Jonathan Bartley join a legal challenge in Dublin to establish whether Brexit can be reversed.


24 January 2017

In a letter to the Committee for Neighbourhoods, Communities and Equalities, Green Councillor Amanda Knight outlined how proposed cuts to the youth service are ‘incompatible’ with the Council’s own commitments to equality, diversity and anti-discrimination for Brighton and Hove residents.


16 January 2017

Green Councillors condemned the ‘weak response’ from local health chiefs and the Council’s Labour administration over plans to reorganise and cut local NHS services.


12 January 2017

In an effort to increase access to sport and leisure facilities for low income families, Greens urged the Council to freeze concessionary rates for Brighton and Hove leisure centres.


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