Greens call for action on alarming GP shortage

5 December 2017

Greens on Brighton and Hove City Council have expressed concern over a lack of action to address the low and worsening number of GPs in Brighton and Hove.

Official figures from the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) in April revealed a worrying shortage of GPs, with only one GP to every 1,587 people, compared to an estimated one per 1,250 for the Sussex area.

However, the Green Group have raised the alarm after more recent figures obtained by Green Health & Wellbeing spokesperson Councillor Dick Page revealed numbers were even worse than previously indicated, with the city now facing an estimated shortage of one GP to every 2,500 patients.

Councillor Page commented: 

“With the NHS facing its worst ever winter, little more than a sticking plaster from the recent budget, and all the pressure on GPs to keep people out of hospital, we are very concerned at the lack of real action from local leaders to support the health of our frail or vulnerable neighbours. It’s no good just reorganising and talking about efficiencies, there needs to be significant investment in primary care to prevent more doctors leaving and patients not getting the care they deserve – or worse.”


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