Greens call on Chief Executive of Deliveroo to meet with City Council

Green Councillor Tom Druitt is calling on the Chief Executive of Deliveroo to come forward and meet with the Council to discuss the rising number of delivery motorbikes in use in the city and the impact on residents. Following several complaints from residents about Deliveroo motorbikes driving on the pavements, the wrong way along one-way streets and too fast in residential areas, Councillor Druitt has asked that Deliveroo work with the Council to address the issues and agree actions to solve the growing problem.

Councillor Druitt commented:

“Not only have Deliveroo been exposed for failing to pay their staff the minimum wage, they are also overhiring, taking the number of riders on our streets to a new level. Many motorbike riders are causing disturbances and danger to residents. I have had reports from many residents deeply concerned about motorbikes weaving between bollards designed to stop traffic, mounting pavements and causing extreme levels of noise disturbance.

“These problems are a direct result of Deliveroo’s failure to accept their employment commitments and pay their staff a proper hourly wage. By paying a very low price per delivery and not paying sick pay or holiday pay the only way riders can earn enough money to survive is to race around the city and use all the short cuts they can find in order to make the most deliveries. It is time Deliveroo accepted their responsibilities to their staff and to local residents and changed their business model to comply with the law, look after their staff, and improve the quality of life for residents in the city.”

Deliveroo have been repeatedly condemned by both their workers and the Green Party for ‘over hiring’ in Brighton and Hove, failing to effectively regulate working conditions and paying below the statutory minimum wage. A strike organised by the workers was backed by the Green Party.


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