Keith Taylor MEP Weekly Update 3rd Match 2017

Chichester bypass: cancellation a victory for green campaigners

Responding to the news that plans for a Chichester bypass have been scrapped , Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East and a member of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, said:

“This is a massive victory for Green campaigners and the local community who have long been united in opposition to the Government’s short-sighted and unsustainable plans for a Chichester bypass.”

“During the consultation process, it was abundantly clear that all of the five options were equally unpopular and environmentally damaging. Never-ending and destructive road widening is simply not the answer to our transport woes.”

Brighton family hoping to open their doors to child refugees welcomes Dubs vote


Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, joins a Brighton couple in welcoming the news that MPs have voted to support keeping the UK’s child refugee scheme open.

The former Brighton councillor has previously highlighted the story of Catherine Marchand and Duncan Blinkhorn from the Hanover and Elm Grove area of the city who have spent the last seven months going through a rigorous fostering process in the hope of offering a safe home to a vulnerable child fleeing conflict.

Keith, Catherine and Duncan welcome the vote on the non-binding motion to support the UK’s continued efforts to bring to safety 3,000 child refugees, which was opposed by just one MP, as a stinging rebuke to Ministers who have previously announced the Government’s ‘callous’ plans to end the scheme.

Keith said:

“It is fantastic to see MPs from all parties coming together to stand up for British values and demonstrate a basic humanity that Theresa May’s government has so callously rejected. The vote has a massive symbolic importance and is an outright rebuke to an increasingly hard-hearted government. We must now keep the pressure on MPs to ensure that, when amendments are tabled on the legislation next week, they again stand overwhelmingly united on the side of compassion and humanity.”


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