Green proposals for city’s budget released

Green proposals for city’s budget released

Full Proposals here

Green Councillors have shared their ambitious proposals for the Council’s budget ahead of the meeting of Budget Council this Thursday, Feb 23rd. The document lays out the ways in which the Green Group would seek to make changes to the budget and argues that a ‘spend to save’ approach could net the Council an additional £2 million.

Convenor of the Green Group, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said:

“We hope by making it clear in our document that everyone can see the sound and reasoned approach we are taking. All the evidence supports the fact that if you cut services you will inherit problems in the future. This is why we are committed to a different approach, putting prevention at the heart of our proposals.

“Our approach requires all parties to put the evidence about prevention being better than a cure ahead of their concerns about making savings in this financial year. While we can only make amendments, and they will no doubt be challenged, our paper is about our challenge to the Tory mantra of cuts and our push for bold alternatives to protect those most at risk.”


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