Keith Taylor MEP weekly update

Green MEP slams Government as EU prepares to take UK to court over air pollution failures

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, has slammed the Conservative government for its consistent failure to tackle the air pollution crisis, as the EU prepares to escalate action against the UK for breaching air quality laws.

Keith Taylor MEP, a vocal air quality campaigner, is urging the UK government to finally take seriously its responsibility for the health of British citizens.

“The government has been exposed, yet again, as failing in its duty to take even the most basic action to combat an air pollution crisis that needlessly claims the lives of more than 50,000 people in Britain every year.”

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Keith Taylor MEP: Theresa May a disgrace for abandoning child refugees

Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East, has responded to the Government’s announcement it will take only 350 lone child refugees instead of a proposed 3000.

The Green MEP said:

“It is shameful that Theresa May has decided to renege on the Government’s promise to bring the most vulnerable refugee children to safety in the UK.”

“That the announcement was sneaked out by the Tories just before recess, is an absolute disgrace.”

“The UK has taken just 350 lone child refugees which is nowhere near the 3000 originally proposed by Lord Dubs and is the equivalent to fewer than one per local authority in the UK.”

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Brexit bill: Greens blast MPs for failing to stand up for Parliamentary democracy

UK Green MEPs, Molly Scott Cato, Jean Lambert, and Keith Taylor have issued a stinging condemnation of British MPs after Theresa May’s Brexit bill denying Parliament any real say in the process sailed through the Commons.

UK Green MEPs, who will get an opportunity to play a part in the EU’s negotiating process and cast a significant vote on the final terms of the deal, hit out at the Government for undermining the sovereignty of the UK Parliament.

Keith Taylor, the Green MEP for the South East and a plaintiff in the so-called ‘Dublin Case‘, said:

“Theresa May has justified her riding roughshod over Parliamentary democracy by claiming the British people have united to back Brexit. They haven’t. Far from it. The mandate for an extreme Brexit is non-existent.”

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