Greens praise Mitch Alexander’s passionate East Brighton by-election campaign

The result of the East Brighton by election saw Mitch secure 3rd place for the Greens, with Labour holding onto one of their core seats.

Convenor of the Green Group, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said
“Our candidate, Mitch Alexander, worked extremely hard in a passionate campaign, seeking to listen and represent the residents of East Brighton. We are obviously disappointed with the result, but I think Mitch did well in such a high profile campaign which attracted Labour political heavyweights into the fray.

“While Labour used the campaign as a battleground in its bitter internal turf war, Greens were out there listening to residents and seeing for ourselves how the safe Labour ward has been historically neglected by its councillors.
“The by-election is by no means the end of the story. In East Brighton, Greens are determined to ensure that the ongoing issues facing residents are addressed. We will continue to hold the Council to account while challenging the relentless march of austerity from central Government”.

Mitch Alexander said:
‘I have enjoyed meeting so many people during the East Brighton campaign and even though I wasn’t selected as a ward Councillor I am keen to continue to work with residents on getting local issues solved’


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