Greens call on Labour to reconsider bins plan

March 18th, 2016

Greens have expressed their concern over a consultation currently underway to introduce communal bins into historic seafront squares in the city.

Greens say the Labour administration has made it clear their preference for communal bins, and are concerned that the consultation will be ignored if it shows a lack of support.  Greens say Labour has failed to make a compelling case for changing the current system of collecting from basement wheelie bins.

At the latest meeting of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee, Greens put forward an amendment for the consultation to include the option of keeping the current system, however this was defeated by Labour and Conservative councillors.  As a result, the consultation makes the assumption that the present system will be changed, and asks residents whether they prefer to use communal bins or leave rubbish sacks out on the streets overnight for collection.

Brunswick Square, where residents fear communal bins will detract from the heritage value of the areq

Green Councillor Ollie Sykes, of Brunswick and Adelaide ward said:

“After a protracted engagement period with residents, the Labour council has completely failed to listen to their concerns or make a compelling case for why the current system needs to be changed beyond vague health and safety concerns.  They have shown no willingness to work with residents to address any health and safety issues or improve the current system.

“Labour’s track record on consultation is very poor, with consultations on children centres and youth services showing over 87% of people opposed to cuts, but Labour continuing with its plans regardless.  We are not convinced this consultation will be any different, and are concerned that the Labour Council has already made up its mind.

“Currently Labour is living up to its reputation as the Council that doesn’t listen.  There is a better option.  As ward councillors, Greens can help Labour to engage properly with residents and come to a joint solution that works for everyone.  It’s time Labour stopped trying to work against the city”.

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